In 2005, ZAPHIRO was founded by 25 partners with a view to address the commercial concerns they had in common.

It is based on a social union of dealerships and distributors of premium brands of equipment for vehicle refinishing, with a full national reach, both in the mainland and the islands, as well as Portugal.

In 2010 the company started an internationalization process in Europe and we currently provide services in countries like Austria, Luxembourg, Poland and Germany through local importers.

ZAPHIRO guarantees the supply of goods through its commercial network, mainly composed of its own staff and of companies offering its products via their organisations in the distributing companies. The commercial network is made up of a team of over 250 people, 80% of whom are technical staff or sales personnel, who are focused on providing profitability from the products and processes required by the market.
Every distributor has an exclusively delimited area, depending on the region they are situated in.

Our registered headquarters are situated in Pamplona (Navarra) where several administration areas are based, as well as the Corporate Management.

The main warehouse, the logistics offices and the ZAPHIRO training centre are located in Madrid, where we have 4,000 m2 of space

ZAPHIRO also provides their customers in the Iberian Peninsula with several distribution centres spread over Spain and Portugal.